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Affordable online training plans designed just for you

Shred Plan


An IF-centered online training program designed to target stubborn fat while also gaining lean muscle mass. 

Butt-building Plan


A program tailored to individuals who want to build a bigger, more firm butt and legs, slim down their waist size, and tone up their body.

Gym-less Plan


For those who don't own a gym membership but want to see noticeable results with exercises that can be done at home.

Each plan includes: 

  1. Customized meal plan with grocery list and recipes
  2. Customized exercise guide with video demonstrations
  3. Daily tips that have proved beneficial for clients
  4. 24/7 emotional and informative support 
  5. Membership to exclusive Facebook group
  6. Daily suggested articles regarding IF and fitness
  7. Pre- and Post-workout stretches for every muscle group
  8. A discounted price compared to the average $150/month

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My Philosophy

How it all works

My plans are mainly focused on this technique called intermittent fasting (IF), which is literally just fasting periodically. I, as well as many professional bodybuilders and actors preparing for roles, use this method to effectively and safely lose weight and obtain stunning physiques.

The main key to obtaining this prized physique is a balance between a prolonged caloric deficit and appropriate muscle stimulation, both of which we will cover in depth within your personalized workout guide.

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